Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pics I have so far for Bills birthday project

Ok guys these are the images I HAVE for the project so far, it's getting too hard to tell people what I have and what I need, if you don't see it here, please draw it or take a picture or whatever! Please and thank you!

Please send all submissions to me at heatherproa@gmail.com or find me on skype (look me up under pinkpixiedf)

If you don't know, we're drawing scenes from the song The Epic Ballad of Bill (track 16 on Short Stories). I'm putting them together as a music video for Bill's birthday on Thursday. I'll still take submission early on Thursday!

Epic Ballad of Bill

Mushroom cloud

Bill chant

Bill perched on top of the world

Iron Man

Last years comic dork (who doesn't know who the red hulk is)

red hulk

green hulk

Searchlight transformer

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris attacking stormtroopers

Chuck and stormtroopers

Reincarnation of Palpatine


Vader and Stormtroopers

Darth Maul

Everybody know's Bill


No need to run....

Like lightning!

Bill's so awesome

Bill is Epic

Bill is everywhere

Bill is everywhere

Bill in China

Bill in Illinois

Bill in Manhattan

The most epic story that ever occurred