Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Remembered

So, I felt the need to look back over the year and remember all the fun/interesting things I've done. Feel like stalking my past? Hehe,.... this is what I did all year when I wasn't working or still studying for school. I think I counted 17 Searchligh shows.... and yet I still feel bad about the four or five that I didn't go to. :-)

01: New years @ The Dive Bar
02: Harry Potter Marathon with Shane and Noelle
17: Last Ever Hang Em High show @ the Bunkhouse
18: Lydia Vance show @ Wasted Space
23: Searchlight show @ the Box Office
24: Went hunting for geodes in the Black Mountains

05: The Stript @ The Bunkhouse
13: Made Valentines gift bags for homeless children
show w/ Miseriacordium @ Dustins house
14: Valentines Day
27: Searchlight's CD release show @ The Farm

03: Bill's birthday, went to Shark Reef
06: First Friday with Noelle
07: Made a Dr. Noise tote bag
Think, Verbatym, Ashbury show @ The Farm
12: Searchlight show @ The HOB
13: Jack Conte show @ The Freakin Frog
14: Mini nerdfighter gathering @ Huntington Beach
22: Searchlight show @ The HOB
26: Grandma's Birthday dinner
27: Lydia Vance show @ Wasted Space

03: Searchlight show @ Green Valley Ranch
04: The Addicts show @ Wasted Space
06- 13: Spring Break -vacation in Tennessee
30: Puppies born (4 of them!)

05: Searchlight and Lydia Vance @ Wasted Space
09: Graduation from UNLV
14: Walked in a Bikini Parade hosted by Holly Madison
on the Las Vegas strip, paid $100
Searchlight show @ The Beauty Bar
16: Searchlight Show @ The Box Office
(Earl was here! Dinner w/ Earl & Bill @ Lucky's)
23: The Stript show @ The Penthouse
28: Lydia Vance show @ HOB
29: The Stript show @ The Farm

04: Searchlight @ The Farm (my cousin was here!)
06: Went to Adventure Dome and Gameworks w/ my cousin
12: Lydia Vance show @ Boomers Bar
13: Lydia Vance show @ The Farm
17: My 24th Birthday!!!
Open Mic night with Bill and Adam @ S&K
20: Searchlight show in Moapa
25-29: NWYTG!!!!!

10: Searchlight show @ The Farm
18: Hang with Bill, Chris, Molly and Amber in Pasadena
19: Gen's Birthday lunch (with EVERYONE!)
LA Galaxy vs. AC Milan "football" game. LIVE!!!
24: Dinner with Heather M., Monique and Jim
25: Some random show @ Boomers Bar (hang with EVERYONE!!!)
26-29: Sub-Reality video shoot
31: Harry Potter @ the movies with Bill and Alex

01: Six Shooters & Bright Lights, Big City show @ The Beauty Bar
02: Crowd shots for Sub-Reality music video
03: Set Film Festival (Bill's "Where's Adam?" video shown!)
07: First Friday with Bill, Ricky, and Adam.
08: Hots show @ The Bunkhouse
09: Sebastions Birthday
I got sick with laryngitis
10-14: I had no voice
15: Hang with everyone @ Chris's house in Pasadena
Searchlight show (with Everyone!) @ Mr. T's Bowl
16: Hang with Bill, Chris, Molly, Amy, Gen and Elayna
22: Some random show @ The Beauty Bar
28: Start going to Salt & Light Bible Study on Friday nights
29: The Addicts show @ Premier Nightclub (a shady place!)

04: Pan De Sal show @ The Bunkhouse
05: Dinner with Bill, Gen, Elayna and Amy @ Lucky's
06: Walked The Strip with Bill, Gen, Elayna & Amy
(seriously walked it too, cause Bill is crazy and
made us park far from where we wanted to go!)
07: House Party at Cathy's with everyone.
Met Penn Jillette
Ethiopian dinner with Efram, Cassie and Lucas
08: Jury duty
11-13: Dr. Noise band rehearsals (I sat in to record video!)
17: Helped Bill record scenes for the Stockholm Syndrom video
18: I Am Ghost show @ The Farm
25: Went to a show somewhere.... @ The Farm? not sure anymore
26: Truck Races with Bill
29: Some random show @ The Beauty Bar

02: Salt & Light bible study
03: Salt & Light Ladies Breakfast and Bible Study
07: Adam (the alien one) arrived in Las Vegas!
08: Searchlight, Driftless Pony Club, Dr. Noise show @ The Bunkhouse
Hung out with EVERYBODY!!!
09: Went to the movies and to Circus Circus with Everyone!
10: Searchlight @ The Box Office
11: Video shoots for Daydreamer and Greed
12: Set improv show @ The Rack
13: AdamTheAlien goes home to Washington :-(
OOOh, I discover I'm can really paint my own nails!
15: Searchlight show @ The HOB
22: Searchlight show @ The Rio Pool
23: Salt & Light Bible study
29: Start working @ Toys R Us again (two jobs! oh no!)
A Smile From the Trenches CD release show @ The Farm
30: Show @ The Dive Bar
31: Halloween
Hots and Koffin Kats show @ The Beauty Bar

01: Mini-nerdfighter gathering with Hank Green @ S&K
Dinner with Bill, Hank, Katherine, Shawn, Michael,
and Stephen @ Lucky's (yay, fun times!)
02: Set improv show @ The Rack
14: Nerdfighter Gathering in LA with Hank Green (and everyone!)
26: Thanksgiving
28: Searchlight @ The Farm
Jay Leno @ The Mirage

03: Dr. Noise @ The Farm
13: Company Holiday Party @ Planet Hollywood
14: Set improv show @ The Rack
21: Set Philm Festival @ The Rack (Sub-Reality video shown!)
25: Christmas!
Avatar @ the movies (sweet movie!)
26: Penn & Teller @ The Rio with Bill

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tales from the Depot

I work the returns desk at the Home Depot. Every customer that returns something has their own sob story. Usually, we don't care to hear why they are returning something. If they have a receipt, we take it back, no problem and no explanation needed. We only start asking questions if something is broken, or there's no receipt, or something just doesn't "feel" right.
Anyway, today I had a customer come in to return two new and unopened tools. These tools are BRAND NEW (as in, they've only been invented recently and released for sale in the past few months.) I guessed these tools had been meant as Christmas gifts. I think both tools are actually really cool, so I was curious to find out why she might be returning them, so I ventured to ask, "We're these going to be Christmas gifts and you just don't want them now?"
She answered, "Yes, they were for Christmas, but I found out my husband is cheating on me, so fuck him! His Christmas present is a divorce!"
Slightly taken aback by such an answer, I replied, "Oh, wow. I'm sorry to hear that."
Then, just as we completed the transaction, she added, "what's worse, it wasn't a woman he was cheating on me with either!" And then she left.
Of all the crazy stories I've heard while working the returns desk, this one is the craziest I've heard, and yet, I beleive this story more than most of the others I've been told.