Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Remembered

So, I felt the need to look back over the year and remember all the fun/interesting things I've done. Feel like stalking my past? Hehe,.... this is what I did all year when I wasn't working or still studying for school. I think I counted 17 Searchligh shows.... and yet I still feel bad about the four or five that I didn't go to. :-)

01: New years @ The Dive Bar
02: Harry Potter Marathon with Shane and Noelle
17: Last Ever Hang Em High show @ the Bunkhouse
18: Lydia Vance show @ Wasted Space
23: Searchlight show @ the Box Office
24: Went hunting for geodes in the Black Mountains

05: The Stript @ The Bunkhouse
13: Made Valentines gift bags for homeless children
show w/ Miseriacordium @ Dustins house
14: Valentines Day
27: Searchlight's CD release show @ The Farm

03: Bill's birthday, went to Shark Reef
06: First Friday with Noelle
07: Made a Dr. Noise tote bag
Think, Verbatym, Ashbury show @ The Farm
12: Searchlight show @ The HOB
13: Jack Conte show @ The Freakin Frog
14: Mini nerdfighter gathering @ Huntington Beach
22: Searchlight show @ The HOB
26: Grandma's Birthday dinner
27: Lydia Vance show @ Wasted Space

03: Searchlight show @ Green Valley Ranch
04: The Addicts show @ Wasted Space
06- 13: Spring Break -vacation in Tennessee
30: Puppies born (4 of them!)

05: Searchlight and Lydia Vance @ Wasted Space
09: Graduation from UNLV
14: Walked in a Bikini Parade hosted by Holly Madison
on the Las Vegas strip, paid $100
Searchlight show @ The Beauty Bar
16: Searchlight Show @ The Box Office
(Earl was here! Dinner w/ Earl & Bill @ Lucky's)
23: The Stript show @ The Penthouse
28: Lydia Vance show @ HOB
29: The Stript show @ The Farm

04: Searchlight @ The Farm (my cousin was here!)
06: Went to Adventure Dome and Gameworks w/ my cousin
12: Lydia Vance show @ Boomers Bar
13: Lydia Vance show @ The Farm
17: My 24th Birthday!!!
Open Mic night with Bill and Adam @ S&K
20: Searchlight show in Moapa
25-29: NWYTG!!!!!

10: Searchlight show @ The Farm
18: Hang with Bill, Chris, Molly and Amber in Pasadena
19: Gen's Birthday lunch (with EVERYONE!)
LA Galaxy vs. AC Milan "football" game. LIVE!!!
24: Dinner with Heather M., Monique and Jim
25: Some random show @ Boomers Bar (hang with EVERYONE!!!)
26-29: Sub-Reality video shoot
31: Harry Potter @ the movies with Bill and Alex

01: Six Shooters & Bright Lights, Big City show @ The Beauty Bar
02: Crowd shots for Sub-Reality music video
03: Set Film Festival (Bill's "Where's Adam?" video shown!)
07: First Friday with Bill, Ricky, and Adam.
08: Hots show @ The Bunkhouse
09: Sebastions Birthday
I got sick with laryngitis
10-14: I had no voice
15: Hang with everyone @ Chris's house in Pasadena
Searchlight show (with Everyone!) @ Mr. T's Bowl
16: Hang with Bill, Chris, Molly, Amy, Gen and Elayna
22: Some random show @ The Beauty Bar
28: Start going to Salt & Light Bible Study on Friday nights
29: The Addicts show @ Premier Nightclub (a shady place!)

04: Pan De Sal show @ The Bunkhouse
05: Dinner with Bill, Gen, Elayna and Amy @ Lucky's
06: Walked The Strip with Bill, Gen, Elayna & Amy
(seriously walked it too, cause Bill is crazy and
made us park far from where we wanted to go!)
07: House Party at Cathy's with everyone.
Met Penn Jillette
Ethiopian dinner with Efram, Cassie and Lucas
08: Jury duty
11-13: Dr. Noise band rehearsals (I sat in to record video!)
17: Helped Bill record scenes for the Stockholm Syndrom video
18: I Am Ghost show @ The Farm
25: Went to a show somewhere.... @ The Farm? not sure anymore
26: Truck Races with Bill
29: Some random show @ The Beauty Bar

02: Salt & Light bible study
03: Salt & Light Ladies Breakfast and Bible Study
07: Adam (the alien one) arrived in Las Vegas!
08: Searchlight, Driftless Pony Club, Dr. Noise show @ The Bunkhouse
Hung out with EVERYBODY!!!
09: Went to the movies and to Circus Circus with Everyone!
10: Searchlight @ The Box Office
11: Video shoots for Daydreamer and Greed
12: Set improv show @ The Rack
13: AdamTheAlien goes home to Washington :-(
OOOh, I discover I'm can really paint my own nails!
15: Searchlight show @ The HOB
22: Searchlight show @ The Rio Pool
23: Salt & Light Bible study
29: Start working @ Toys R Us again (two jobs! oh no!)
A Smile From the Trenches CD release show @ The Farm
30: Show @ The Dive Bar
31: Halloween
Hots and Koffin Kats show @ The Beauty Bar

01: Mini-nerdfighter gathering with Hank Green @ S&K
Dinner with Bill, Hank, Katherine, Shawn, Michael,
and Stephen @ Lucky's (yay, fun times!)
02: Set improv show @ The Rack
14: Nerdfighter Gathering in LA with Hank Green (and everyone!)
26: Thanksgiving
28: Searchlight @ The Farm
Jay Leno @ The Mirage

03: Dr. Noise @ The Farm
13: Company Holiday Party @ Planet Hollywood
14: Set improv show @ The Rack
21: Set Philm Festival @ The Rack (Sub-Reality video shown!)
25: Christmas!
Avatar @ the movies (sweet movie!)
26: Penn & Teller @ The Rio with Bill

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