Monday, July 5, 2010

International Flights

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Just a quick blog today. I'm on my way to work and I am soo busy. Just a couple of days ago my friend Helen flew to Oregon from her home in England so she wrote her blog about her experience on the plane. This blog is simply a response to her blog.

I've travelled to Japan, so I have also had an experience with international flights. I had to take three planes and then drive for 3 hours to get to where I was going. It was a really long trip. I first flew from my home city, Las Vegas, Nevada to San Fransisco, CA. Then from there I flew to Nagoya, Japan. I changed planes again in Nagoya and flew from there to Fukuoka, Japan. (Nagoya and Fukuoka are on two different islands, but I forget the the names of the individual islands.) I met up with my brother and sister-in-law in Fukuoka and from there we drove to there home in Saesebo.

I never had any problems with customs, but I did have a problem changing flights in Nagoya. First, my flight from Nagoya to Fukuoka was being delayed by two hours. This worried me because my brother was waiting for me in Fukuoka and I had no way of calling him to tell him that I would be late. Also, I was sad, because I was so tired and hungry, but even though I had already changed my money, I didn't know how the money worked in Japan and I was afraid to buy anything. I admit, I was a bit scared because I didn't speak or read any Japanese and I being tired really didn't make me feel adventurous. Anyway, for my connecting flight, I was given a ticket that said Gate 7. So I went to Gate 7 and waited out the two hours, however, when I tried to board at Gate 7, the computer wouldn't allow me to board. Eventually, we figured out that I was supposed to be at Gate 5, which had already been boarding for half an hour and was about to leave! I almost missed the flight! Although, it didn't make much sense, the planes at Gate 5 and Gate 7 were both going to the same place! I honestly don't remember how I finally came to understand that they wanted me to board the plane at Gate 5 because I don't remember that anyone spoke english. I remember them writing things on my ticket in kanji, which I didn't understand at all. Somehow though, it all worked out.

As far as complaints about in-flight entertainment and such. Oh man was I mad! On the plan from California to Japan, I happened to have the one seat in the plane with a video monitor that was broken, so I couldn't watch movies or watch the flight progression or anything. I had a cd player with me, but what really got me through that flight was an in-flight radio station that was playing Disney music. They weren't just playing music from the movie soundtracks, they were also playing the background music that is played at the Disneyland theme park and some of the music from the rides. I had a gameboy with me which I could watch movies on (yes, they did make a few movies that were playable on the gameboy- I still have the Shrek movie for the gameboy) so I wasn't completely without entertainment, but still, when you pay for something, you expect to get what you pay for, and I didn't.

Alright, I'd love to say more, but I have to go to work soon. Only a few days left till VidCon! I am so excited! Have any topics you'd like me to write about before VidCon? Let me know in the comments and I'll respond. Goodbye till tomorrow. :-)

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