Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nail Art

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Today I'll talk about nail art. I have been doing nail art for almost a whole year now. I have done a total of 44 different designs on myself. (This is not counting times when I just paint my nails one solid color.)

Here are some of my favorites designs that I have done.

These were my nails for last Halloween. I got this design from a nail tutorial on youtube, I would link it here, but the video is no longer available.

These were my nails at Christmas. This turned out so pretty I think. I got this design from a nail tutorial video, Snowflake Nail Tutorial. In the video, she uses a brush to make the snowflakes, but I used a white nail art pen, it was much easier and faster that way.

This was another desing I copied from a nail tutorial, although I tweeked it a bit also. (I usually do my nails a little bit different from the tutorials.) Mardis Gras Nail Tutorial

I love Alice In Wonderland. This design was from a nail tutorial. Alice Nails

-Yes, I've gotten a lot of design ideas from nail tutorials. I'm not ashamed of this. I had no idea what I was doing at first. I had to start somewhere. The more designs I do though, the better I get and it's easier now to look at someone elses design and add my own twist to it. I've also come up with several designs of my own. Let's keep going.

Obviously, Hello Kitty. The pink and purple polka dots was my idea. I watched several Hello Kitty nail tutorials before I tried this design, just to get the idea of how to create the Hello Kitty face with nail polish. I used fine-tip nail art pens.

This one was pretty much my own design. I was going to the NASCAR races with my friends and I felt like doing something fun with my nails to show my racing spirit. So I just painted the nails black and the tips white. I used a fine tip nail art pen to make the checker pattern.

This was another desing I took from a nail tutorial. Purple Rock Star Nails I really like this design a lot. I want to do it again with a blue base.

This is another Alice In Wonderland inspired nail design. This was my own design. I made a nail tutorial for this design. Alice In Wonderland Nail tutorial

Another design taken from a nail tutorial. Stitched Heart Nail Tutorial. I really like this design a lot. It was one of my absolute favorites.

Spider-Man nails! I did these on my own. I'd been wanting to do super-hero inspired nail designs for awhile, and one night I just decided to give Spider Man a try. I used the cover of the third movie as inspiration. You can't really tell from the picture, but I used three colors of red to make a gradient from dark red to a light orange-red at the top of the nail. I sponged on black polish at the tips. These nails were incredibly detailed, but they were way easier to do than I thought they would be. I think, of all the designs I have done on my own, I am the most proud of this one.

If you want to give nail art a try, here is some advice.
-Don't skip out on base coat and top coat. Always use a base coat to prevent your nails from turning yellow. Using a top coat helps the desing to last longer and dry faster.

-Invest in fine-tip nail art pens. My favorite brand is sold at Sally Beauty Supply stores. They are actually cheaper than the Sally Hansen pens that are easier to find, but I wouldn't recommend them anyway because they tend to be watery and the paint chips off, even if you use a top coat. Also, check out they have a really great product.

-Just go for it! Don't be afraid to make mistakes (you will make mistakes). Usually, you are the only one who notices the mistakes. Have fun and be creative. If you get nail polish all over your fingers, then paint your nails at night, in the morning the extra paint will wash off in the shower.

That's all I have for you today. If you have any questions about nail art, or any blog topics you'd like me to discuss, then leave it in the comments. Otherwise, goodby 'till tomorrow. :-)


  1. These are so awesome. I think my favourites are the Spider-Man ones and the sticthed heart one. And of course the Peanuts ones not picture here :) I have really short square nails. I hate growing them long. What kind of designs might be best fro square nails?

  2. I absolutely ADORE the Spiderman 3 nails! I came across them via Google. Very well done! :)

  3. wow! your acc amazing, i have a kit called nail supreme;)x<3
    do you think you could follow me plz?