Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nerdfighter Nail Art

So, maybe I should have included this story in my blog about VidCon, but I actually forgot about it until I was re-reading my blog and realized that I didn't talk about the nail art that I did for VidCon.

I didn't really do anything special on my own nails for VidCon, but my friend Edi (theoriginaledi) came to visit me in Las Vegas a couple of days before VidCon so that I could paint her nails with a special design just for VidCon.

This is what we did:

It's kind of hard to see here, but it says "NERD FITR" on her nails!

I was excited that the John and Hank faces turned out so well. The best part is that during VidCon, Edi was able to show both John and Hank her nails. I wasn't there when Edi showed Hank, but I was there to show John. It was on Friday during VidCon, Edi and I were both hanging out near the DFTBA Records merch booth (I spent a lot of time at that booth, it was a good place to hang out because everyone stopped by there several times a day!) Anyway, John came to the booth and it just occured to me that Edi was standing right there too. I tapped John on the shoulder and said, "Hey John, can I show you something?" He was just like "Sure, what's up?" and I told Edi to come over, and we got to show him. He thought they were cool.

On Saturday during VidCon, I painted Edi's nails again. This time we painted her nails in honor of our friend Doctor Noise. We painted her nails in a sort of lavender with black letters that read "DCTR NOISE" with a spider design between the two 'words'. It was pretty awesome, but unfortunately we do not have a picture of that design. Oh well.

Anyway, that's all I have to share with you today. I plan to keep blogging regularly, maybe not everyday, but this blog will not fade into obscurity, so feel free to ask me questions that you'd like me to answer in future blogs or whatever. Goodbye 'till next time. :-)


  1. Hooray! Thanks so much for doing my nails, Heather. The drawings were wonderful and even helped me past some shyness by giving me a reason to talk to some people (including Karen Kavett!) who noticed them while I was just standing around.

    I actually talked to John again in the lobby a little while after we showed them to him. We were in line at the front desk and he asked if he could take video of my nails! Naturally I let him; how could I not?!

    And that's not all, either! I showed them to Hank at the dance on Friday night and he loved them too. He wanted a picture of them but it was too dark there so he asked me to send him one later. I did that a few days later, so not only did both John and Hank see the nails but they also both have pictures of them. Woot! #heatherisfamous :-)

    I'm so sad that we didn't get a picture of the Dr Noise nails, but we'll definitely do that another time. You're a fantastic artist and I hope to wear your art many more times in the future.

    Thanks again!

  2. The nail design is so awesome. I wish we would have had time for a nail painting party. Mine are too small for designs anyway... but still!