Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yesterday, my friend Michael made a VEDA video talking about the things he fears. (Watch his video here.) Instead of leaving a long comment on his video, I decided to respond here.

I have the strangest, most illogical fears. I am not afraid of bugs or heights, or airplanes or swimming in the ocean. The things I fear are very unlikely to ever actually happen to me. I have three fears that I will share with you.

1.) I am afraid of being burried alive. I think I aquired this fear when I was very young and I read something somewhere about how people used to be burried alive accidentaly. I think this was all urban legend, but the story goes that, hundreds of years ago, when people would slip into a coma or simply get knocked unconscious, sometimes their heart rate would go very low and their breathing would be so slow that it would look as though they were not breathing, and people would bury them, thinking they were dead. There were stories of this happening, and then sometimes a close friend or family member would have a horrible feeling that would cause them to have the grave dug up, and they would open the casket to find that the person had woken up, and tried to get out, but then had died of suffocation. These stories might not actually be true, but when I read them, they really frightened me, and still, I fear the idea of being burried alive with no way to survive.

2.) I fear being left in space. Not just being in a ship and being stranded with no power or something like that. But sometimes you watch a movie or something and there is an astronaut who is outside of the ship, working and somehow he gets seperated from the ship. Being that alone and helpless is what I fear. Obviously this is something that is extremely unlikely to ever happen to me, but still it frightens me.

3.) Whenever I go to someone else's house, if I go into the bathroom and the shower curtain is closed, I am always convinced that if I open the shower curtain, I will find a dead body in the shower. I have no idea where this thought came from, but it is the first thing I think every time I walk into a bathroom with the shower curtain closed, and I'm always afraid that it will be true.

So there you go. That's what frightens me. I guess I am lucky that I never have to actually face these fears. I bet if you did a psycho-analysis on me, you'd find some interesting things as to what these fears say about me, but I'm content not really knowing. :-)

That's all I have for today. Goodbye 'till tomorrow.


  1. Those fears are rather interesting. There's connection of isolation in them all and they are all indeed scary. Partly connected to them for me, is that I fear to a degree, suffocating and drowning -_-

  2. I fear that whenever I go through a tunnel under water that the pressure will cause the sides to burst and we will all drown! I also fear that the massive wires on suspension bridges will break when I am on there.

    Funnily enough your number 2 would be my perfect way to die. I want to go to space so much I just want to drift by myself until I was ready - then just take off my helmet! I think that is probably weirder than fearing it!