Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shopping Etiquette

Hey there! So today I am blogging from work again. I am on my lunch break, but I'm not eating. My job had a bar-b-que today and I've already eaten before my lunch time.

So being at work has reminded me of something that irritates me nearly everyday. This is a rant and and a "teaching" of sorts.

As a cashier, one of the most annoying things to deal with is customers who pay with a $100 bills.

-Customers assume that we cashiers have an endless supply of money in our cash drawers.

TRUTH: We do not!

At most retail stores, cashiers start their shifts with a very minimal amount of money, usually only $100 or $200. That's it, so obviously, if our first customer has only a small purchase, we can not make change for a $100 bill.

Also, even though we make money during the day, we are required to "strip" our tills of excess cash throughout the day. This protects the store against major losses in the event of a theft. Therefore, because we never have very much money in our drawers, $100 bills are nearly always irritating to deal with if the purchase amount is small.

As someone who has worked as a cashier for the past 6 years, this is my plea and my advice to you. Please, please, please do not ever use a $100 bill to pay for a purchase that is less than $50.

Also, if you ever do use a $100 bill to pay for a small purchase, then you forfeit your right to be upset if the cashier has to make you wait for change, or if she sends you to another register.

Lastly, what are people doing with $100 bills anyway? Unless you get paid in cash, and the person paying you gives you a $100 bill, the only other way you get them is from the bank/casino where you cash your check. I happen to know that when you cash your check, the teller asks if you would like small bills or large bills. Take the small bills!!!! Why do people take $100 bills if all they are going to do is turn around and spend it on something that only costs $6. It's ridiculous and rude!

Ok, I'm done now. Sorry this was so "ranty". :-)

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  1. I have never seen higher than a 50 pound note IRL. People must just get it to show off. What idiots.