Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Recieved A Second-Hand Song

Hey there. I only have about an hour to write today so I just have a little story for you.

About two weeks ago a friend of mine at work gave me a gift. This friend of mine is an older man, I forget his actual age, but I think he is about 56 or so. He said he was feeling creative and he was going through some songs he had written over the years and decided to write them out nicely and frame then for some friends of his. He found a love song he had written about an girl named Heather that he had dated about 10 years ago. So he wrote this song out by hand and framed it for me.


Timeless Temptations of Heather

Moonlit nights filled with anticipations
Always reminded of Timeless Temptations
Of kissing and touching your very soul
Securing your heart from lifes bitter road

Walking hand in hand under skys above
Searching deep into the Sea of Love
Comfortably numb from questions of Why
Forever drowning in your Sensuous Eyes

To touch and hold you through the night
Letting you know everything is alright
To me you're the gift of Gods creation
Our souls intertwinning in Timeless Temptations

The wonderous beauty of your glowing smile
Is making my life all worth while
Nevermore enduring pressures from within
Expressions of Love can now begin.


At the bottom of the frame, under the lyrics, my friend wrote a note that says
"Hand copied for Heather, a cool chick I work with @ Home Depot, a song about a Heather I had on my Harley, 20 years younger than I, in 2001."

A few other people at work received songs too. I just thought it was really nice. So this song now hangs in my room, and that's the story behind it.

Anyway, I have to go to work soon, so goodbye 'till tomorrow. :-)

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