Monday, August 2, 2010

Things That Are Not Happening...

Way back in June I wrote a blog talking about several options that I had as far as jobs and school. I was being considered for a promotion at my current job. My grandparents had offered to pay for me to attend beauty school in order to get a nail tech license and I also had an offer from one of my college professors to go back to school as his grad student this fall.

Well, so far, none of these things have happened. Just a few days ago, I went through a THIRD interview for the promotion that I applied for at work. I'm beginning to think that it will never happen though. I have a feeling that not all of the managers believe that I should be promoted, so they keep stalling, or something.

My grandparents called me this past weekend to say that they could not afford the full cost of the beauty school programs. They had thought it would be much cheaper than it actually is. I don't have any money of my own to go to beauty school, so that is something that is not happening.

Also, the professor who offered to take me on as a grad student never e-mailed me again. Perhaps he got busy and forgot, perhaps he changed his mind, maybe he didn't have the funding, who knows. I wish he had e-mailed me back again, even if just to say that it wouldn't work out. I can't officially say that this will never happen, but I can say truthfully that I will not be going to grad school THIS fall.

Still, I am not discouraged or upset. In my last blog, I also mentioned that I wanted to re-write my resume and apply for jobs related to my degree. (I have a bachelors degree in geology.) In these past two months I've decided that I want to focus more on applying for jobs pertaining to technical writing.

Today I went to meet with a friend of my mothers named Kelly. Kelly is a successfull business woman, so I asked her to help me re-write my resume. She said my current resume isn't really that bad, but we looked it over and I will be re-writing it completely this week. Once that is done, I'll put it out there, and we'll see what happens.

I don't really have much else to say today, so goodbye 'till tomorrow. :-)


  1. Good luck with all the possibilities Heather. It's a shame about the Beauty School situation but at least for both the promotion and the grad school option - though while not definite - there still lies a glimmer of hope and possibility. But it's also good that you're updating your resume and deciding what you want to do. I told myself I'd do the same this month and sadly, I have yet to begin. But, better late than never right!

  2. Sorry things have fallen through a bit. But it is good that you are staying positive. If you ever want me to cast an extra pair of eyes over a resume or a covering letter then I'd be more than happy (my job is communications and have had to refine the art of being interesting but concise).