Friday, June 18, 2010

Art That Pays

*Day 10* I'm blogging everday till VidCon! What is VidCon? Check it out at

First, OMG, it's 'day 10', that means there are only 20 days left to go until I can see all of my friends and meet so many new ones! This is very exciting.

Second, today was a really long day for me, as of right now, I have been awake for 17hours. I am very tired, but I am excited. Earlier this week a co-worker of mine asked me if I would paint her nails today for a wedding that she is going to this weekend. I sad yes, and today I did paint her nails,... and she paid me! This is the first time I have ever been paid for my nail art. So that was really awesome.

You may or may not know that I also make tote bags. I am currently working on four tote bags, two of which were commissioned. (Yay! I'm being paid to make tote bags too!)

Being paid for the things I create makes me so happy. A few years ago, I was living my life in such a way that who I was on the outside (what other people saw when they looked at me and my life) in no way resembeled the person that I felt myself to be on the inside. When I realized this about myself, I made up my mind to change my life so that I would truely "be" myself, in every way, and all the time. One of the things I felt inside, was that I wanted to be an artist in some way. I wished for a talent that would be worth something (at that time, I was very poor, and was wishing for any way to make money). It has been more than three years since I really set my mind to changing the way I lived, and in that time I started making tote bags and painting my nails simply because I thought it was fun. And now, people are paying me to do these things! Three years ago, I only 'wished' for an artistic talent. Even though I had gone to art schools for most of my life, and I had studied photography and ceramics, I didn't feel that I had any real talent. Though, apparently it seems I just hadn't found my niche until now.

I'm not exactly sure what my point is in this blog. I guess my point is that, I majored in a science in college because I wanted to be a scientist, but I wanted to be an artist too. So, I am glad and thankful that my bachelors degree in geology affords me the right to call myself a scientist; and the fact that people have paid for my art affords me the right to call myself and artist too. So, I guess what I'm saying is... I'm making the changes I wanted to make in my life. The person that I am now is so much closer to who I really want to be than who I was three years ago, and that makes me happy.

Ok, so I just hammered this blog out, and I'm really sorry if it is not completely coherent. I am so tired. I must go to sleep now, goodnight.


  1. Aw, thats really sweet. I am glad you are doing things you enjoy!

  2. Very cool I think your nail designs are freaking awesome!
    Do you find it harder or simpler to do other peoples nails than your own?

  3. @James it is easier to do someone elses nails. It takes longer to do my own, because I have to wait for the paint on one hand to dry before I can paint the other or else I mess it up. When I'm painting someone elses nails I don't have that problem