Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Alter Ego: PinkPixieDF

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Today I thought I'd tell you all the story behind my user name "PinkPixieDF". I first chose the name "pinkpixie" in 2003. I needed a new username for AIM. I first thought of using the word pixie because I have a personal preference for fairies and pixies. They are not a "huge" interest of mine, but I like them. Also, if you remember 2003 was the time when pink was the new black. The color pink was EVERYWHERE. I was wearing pink almost everyday because that was pretty much the only color of clothing that you could find in the stores. So I came up with "pinkpixie" because it was alliterative (and that's fun), it sort of described me at the time, and it was also a sort of commentary on the culture at that time.

The only thing was, somebody else already had the username "pinkpixe". So, my brother had the idea of replacing all of the i's with L's. So my AIM name was actually pLnkpLxLe, but if you type it this way PlNKPlXlE, it looks more like pinkpixie. As social media forms grew I decided I wanted to keep the "pinkpixie" name but I thought it was silly to keep spelling it with L's instead of i's, so I needed to add something to it to make it more personal. I started adding the "DF" to my username in 2007.

"DF" stands for "Despair Faction" which is the name of the AFI fan club. Yes, I am a huge fan of the band AFI and I am a lifetime member of their fan club. At some point I noticed that many AFI fans on myspace would add a "DF" somewhere in their myspace usernames and that is what gave me the idea to add DF to the pinkpixie. So there you go. I am "PinkPixieDF".

Everyday I have been so worried about writing blogs that are too long, and now I feel like this blog is too short. Oh well. If you like, share the story behind your username in the comments. Goodbye 'till tomorrow. :-)


  1. I love your long blogs and your shorts blogs :) I will respond to your question in my own blog!

  2. I have enjoyed your blogs so far, and I find it very interesting to know where people came up with their screen names/alter egos. So, now I know what the DF stands for. That's pretty awesome. I don't have any interesting stories behind my current screen names; most all of them are just my name which is pretty boring. Anyway, interesting story!

  3. Cool, I've always wondered about your username!

    Mine came about because I was tired of never being able to just use "edi" (which is my preference) because it seemed like it was always taken. I didn't really want to add numbers for various reasons, so over the years I tried various combinations of the name with things like what my husband calls me (miel, "honey" in Spanish) or the company that I was working for at the time or whatever, but that never felt right either.

    So one day I tried registering for a site and edi was taken and I just sort of snapped and decided that from then on I was going to establish myself as the ORIGINAL Edi, so I did. And the rest was history. :D

    And, just a side note, although I don't always comment, I love reading your blogs, no matter what the length. Keep up the good work!