Sunday, June 27, 2010


*Day 19* I'm blogging everyday till Vidcon! What is VidCon? Check it out at

It is Sunday and I am really tired. This blog is not about anything specific. It's just me rambling.

For the past six months I have been working evening shifts at work, usually 2:00 -10:15pm. So during this time I've been sleeping usually from 2:00-10:00am. Now, all of a sudden, they moved me back to morning shifts, 5:45am-2:15pm. Today was my first day back on morning shifts and it sucked because I could not fall asleep until 2am and therefore, I barely got any sleep last night and then had to work all day. Blah.

For this reason you do not get a very great blog today.

There are just two things I want to tell you about my life right now. I am obviously getting ready to go to VidCon and part of that preparation is that I am making a few Dr. Noise tote bags to sell during the convention. I wasn't going to do this at first, but more a couple of people requested that I have bags available at VidCon, and a couple people have already pre-paid, so I am working hard to get those completed on time.

Second, I think I have made a decision about what I want to do with my life immediatly following VidCon. I've decided that I really want to go to beauty school for manicuring, if I can, before I go back to grad school or get a real job. I still need to talk to my grandparents (they offered to pay for beauty school) but I think they have gone on vacation because they haven't been answering their phone. So hopefully soon that will be sorted out, if it all works out, I should be starting manicuring school about two weeks after VidCon. That would be exciting.

Alrighty, I need to take a nap or something. Goodbye till tomorrow.

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  1. Wow beauty school will be awesome. You will have so much fun and then you can get a license! And you should do nail parties for hen nights and things like that... maybe. I get carried away. Suck about work. Boo.