Monday, June 28, 2010

Team Summer

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Ok, so my friend Helen wrote her blog about 5 reasons why she hates summer (and is therefore a TeamWinter supporter - read her blog here). Well, I am a Team Summer person, so I have a few things to say in response to her arguements, and then I'll say a few things about why I hate winter.

It is really better if you go read Helen's blog first because I am going to address some specific things she says.

1. Helen complains about car trips during summer, her arguement is that she has no AC in her car. I admit, this sucks, however I have this same problem. I have no AC in my car and I live in a desert where it often gets to 118 degrees (that's 47C) in the summer. Yes the steering wheel gets super hot, so I bought a steering wheel cover that's made of cotton to protect my hands. Also, even though I wouldn't say that it is pleasent to drive around in 118 degrees with no AC in your car, I prefer to always drive with the windows down anyway. I feel stuffy driving in cars with the windows up, even if there is an AC, so I just deal with it.

2. Helen also complains about humidity. While I do admit that humidity absolutely sucks. I am still Team Summer, because I live in a desert, we have a very dry heat here. It is very rare for it to be humid in Las Vegas, so basically, humidity is not a problem here and therefore is not a factor in my choice of Summer over Winter.

3. The last point that Helen makes which I have something to say about, is sitting out sun-bathing and doing nothing. I don't sun-bathe much anymore, but when I did, I would always bring a book and read while I stayed out and got some sun. Anyway, it's hard for me to imagine people "doing nothing" in the summer. I live in a tourist city, summer means lots of travelers and pool parties and lots of fun.

Now for my arguement against winter, which honestly is nearly the same arguement that my friend Bobby gives in the comments to Helen's blog.

1. Snow and ice are extremely inconvenient. Too much snow can trap you in your house. It is difficult to drive in. Ice can knock out power lines and leave you stuck in your house with no heat or power or water for days and days.

2. People always say that if you are cold, you can always put on more clothes. When I get cold, I feel like my bones have turned to ice and it does not matter how many layers of clothing I put on, my bones are cold and I freeze from the inside out.

3. Freezing and being constantly cold and unable to move makes me depressed. For me, winter is the time that people sit around and do nothing, at least I don't do as much in the winter, because half the time I'm too cold to move.

4. Bobby also points out that winter is depressing for him because of it being a "family time" season. This bothers me too. For several years I would work two jobs during the holiday season while also going to school, so I rarely had time to see my friends. Then all of a sudden, there would be a holiday and I wouldn't have to work, and all that I wanted to do was see my friends, but I couldn't because it was "family" time. So holidays were/are irritating to me. I'd rather spend that time with friends, being forced to spend it with family makes me hate the winter holidays.

So there's my side of it. Mostly I'm Team Summer because I hate being cold, but I absolutely love the sensation of walking out into the sunlight and feeling the heat of the sun sink into my body and warm me up. Anyway, goodbye 'till tomorrow.


  1. I will blog respond to your blog, which is a blog response to my blog yesterday, in my blog today :D

  2. I dunno, Heather. I've gotta go with Helen on this one. I'm TOTALLY #teamwinter... assuming I must choose between the two extremes. Actually #teamspring is more accurate for me... cool weather and WOOHOO, RAIN ftw (For those who don't know, I live in the desert so that's a big event for me)... but of the two biggies, definitely winter.

    But I love winter too, and even if I didn't I'd take just about anything over summer. I hate heat and I hate humidity (even though we don't get it here; I often travel to places that do) and that's just about all summer means to me.