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I'm sort of cheating today. I have two ideas for blogs that I want to write, but they both require a few hours of work to write. I need something easy for today, so I am going to share two or three poems with you that I wrote in high school. (They are all very short.)

The first one is called 'Longing For The Sea', I wrote it when I was 16. It was winter time and I was sitting in my chemistry class wishing it was summer vacation.

Longing For The Sea

I want to leave this place,
To be in the sun and sand.

These people here, they just don't know,
This passion comes from deep in my soul.

My longing for the music of the sea,
Is greater than any other feeling within me.
I wish to be out, on my way, and free.
On the beach, in the sun, is where I should be.

If you could only be told,
Of the pain this longing creates -
You would release me from the cold,
and open those frozen gates.

Then I could be free, to visit the sea.
I'd smile as the heat of the sun warms me.
And this longing that is a part of me,
This passion for the sea, would finally cease
to torment me.


This next poem is called 'Darkness'. It is a bit depressing, but it was heavily influenced by Star Wars and other science fiction books I was reading at the time. Imagine this poem being written by a slave in the Star Wars universe and being under the control of the emperor. It might make more sense that way (at least, you'll understand why I wrote it, please don't think that I wrote it about my life.)


I sit and stare out the window,
I can hardly see,
The world is covered in a cloud of muck.
Everywhere there is loneliness and suffering.
Hurt and hatred rule over our minds and bodies.

We are under the control of Evil,
It runs through my veins like an unstoppable river.
It burns under my skin like poision.
There is no good to replace the venom.

We are trapped in this dark world.
There is nowhere to go
and no reason to be happy.
I only pray that a glint of hope will come to me.
Maybe I will survive this curse and escape.

Someday, we will find the light.
We will.
And then, there will be no more darkness.


This last poem is really short and kind of fun. I wrote this poem for a creative writing class. I wanted to write a poem that talked about the process of writing poetry. Weird, I know. It didn't exactly come out that way, but here it is.

Just Words

It starts with words on paper,
Flowing across the page.
Then imagination goes to work,
And I step out of my cage.

With a pen as your tool,
Color me happy in shades
of red, yellow, green and blue.
Paint my life a world of kindness,
Using words of love and happiness.

Write me a meadow with a sunny day,
A place where I can live and play.
Draw me a garden,
filled with roses and birds.
Finish the story,
and it will mean more to me
than just letters and words.


So that's all for today. I hope you liked the poems. Goodbye till tomorrow. :-)

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