Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before Twitter, there was Upoc?

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I had absolutely no idea what to write about today. I kept thinking of topics, but then I couldn't think of anything to say about those topics. So, I started looking through my "stuff". I looked at old homework, essays I wrote for school, geology reports, short stories, poetry, just whatever, trying to find something to talk about. Then I came across a notebook I made in 1999. Basically, to make this notebook, I went through a bunch of magazines and cut out band biographies, cd reviews, book reviews, celebrity quotes and articles about fun websites. I pasted all of the clippings into the notebook in an organized way and decorated it with glitter and markers and such. The notebook itself is a sort of interesting look into the past, but anyway I was flipping through the pages and reading some of the clippings when one really caught my eye.

The following text is quoted from the clipping I had pasted in my notebook, word for word. (I think this came from a Seventeen magazine in 1999, but I really can't be certain, so I can't site it properly).

"MAKE THE CONNECTION: Getting in touch with your friends can be a hassle- do you ring their cell, dial their pager or e-mail them? With (which stands for universal point of contact), you can get your crew the urgent news about your date last night. Send messages through, and they'll reach your pals wherever they are. You can even subscribe to public groups dedicated to everything from celebrity sightings (so you know where Brad Pitt buys his coffee) to haiku."

That sounds a lot like Twitter doesn't it? My first thought was "wow, someone else had the idea first, but looks like the creators of Twitter got it going".... only I got on my computer and checked out It still exists! Apparently Upoc Networks were the pioneers of SMS technology. They were asking "what are you Up2?" seven years before Twitter asked "what's happening?"

Did you ever text in a vote for American Idol prior to 2006? That text was powered by Upoc Networks. If you check out, you get the idea that Upoc Networks is a massive company that somehow just doesn't get talked about much. (I have certainly never heard of them before.) However, you might notice that the Upoc Networks website is only current up to 2008! That is because Upoc was sold to Dada Mobil in 2006 and is currently still owned by that company (now called Dada Entertainment, LLC). I find it strange then that the website for Dada Entertainment is only copy-righted up to 2009. The only product of theirs that shows a current 2010 copyright, or any news as of 2010 is the music website It also made me laugh to see that you could "follow" on twitter (that familiar blue [t] is in the top right corner of their homepage), but there are no links to (the site that is similar to twitter, and shares the same parent company as Also, if you do go to, you will see that it is listed as a beta, a test, which was launched in 2007! I guess Dada Entertainment gave up on and gave in to the Twitter bird like the rest of us. It is sort of sad that the company that first imagined the short bits of info we now know as "tweets", has faded into obscurity, and is even neglected by it's own "parent". Awww, poor At least the idea lives on in a rather amazing way.

So there you go a history lesson that I didn't even plan. We learned it together! Alrighty, this blog is long enough, goodbye till tomorrow.

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  1. Interesting, I just went to the site to check it out - one thing twitter has that it does not seem to have is "twitter search" function.

    You can search for groups, and members it seems, but not the text in the actual messages people are sending.
    No results for Bill, Tom, Alex or eddplant, not even a you tube group. Useless to me, ha ha.

    I even briefly thought of joining it for a second (but didn't).

    I would be interested in hearing (and if you blogged about it already I missed it, sorry) how you found/met/the people you are going to see at vidcon and why it's worth it to you to go.

  2. Ha!I didn't know about - how bizarre! I bet it is the same way for a lot of web innovations. You could talk about your top ten nails you have dnone ever or what designs you want to do but don't feel advanced enough yet.

  3. LOL someone "discovered" upoc again. don't forget they were the first to do celebrity sightings and flashmobs but alas....

  4. The Funniest thing is that @Upoc also joined Twitter & thier updating their status when thier system is down.
    check this is 1 of thier Tweets that thier Official but Not verified account poor upoc thier real Loosers they didnt make it because thier were Booting users left & right evry day.
    read these articles: - -